#9 United we stand

Inspiring freelancers collectives around the globe

Freelancing is growing everywhere and we are beginning to see the emergence of freelancers collectives all around the globe. Some are working on the question of collective governance, others are doing government lobbying, some are building tools to make the community stronger, others are negotiating and providing collective benefits for their members… During this last conference, we’ll have the chance to talk with some of the more inspiring freelancers collectives of the word. A chance not to miss !

Facilitateurs -trices

  • Marina Bradbury, spécialiste en communication et médias


  • Alastair Thompson -Freelance communications consultant – Enspiral
  • Sarah Ledant – Chargée de mission économie de plateformes – Smart.be
  • Jorge Vega – Head of Marketing & Community at Coliga

Catégorie : Réseaux et organisation

Infos pratiques

  • Lieu: Loft
  • Horaires: 19h 
  • Format: Table ronde